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Otto Zielke, an avid music fan, memorabilia collector, archivist, and preservationist of rare and historical music artifacts. After Otto got his first Allman Brothers Band poster in the 80s, he began rapidly collecting music artifacts and memorabilia leading to the birth of his hobby company – oddtoes. After his passion for collecting expanded into more than just music memorabilia, he launched his entire assemblage into Visible Vibrations, LLC – a highly trusted, well-respected entity that pairs people and collectors to music collectibles. Visible Vibrations was recently called “the most important privately held collection of music memorabilia ever assembled in one place.” Every piece of his collection was found with passion and always procured from people within the industry, guaranteeing its authenticity.

When asked what Visible Vibrations is, Otto said “Visible Vibrations, well, it’s the visual part of the audio, the sight to the sound. When you look at the poster, you can just hear the music.”  His current storefront is located in the SF Bay Area.

At Visible Vibrations, we sell Art, Limited Edition Art Toys, Music Related Prints, Posters and Kick Ass Music Memorabilia. Our collection is the world’s best, from vintage to contemporary, acquired from the 1960s to today. We have millions of artifacts, ideal for the true collector and perfect for gift giving. ALL Original, ALL Cool!

I ordered an amazing Hot Snakes poster to give as a gift, however the package never arrived to my doorstep. After easy and quick correspondence, Otto was awesome enough to deliver a replacement immediately, with tracking and everything! It arrived in secure packaging and the poster was in great condition. He made sure that I as a customer was satisfied, and I truly am… Otto saved the day!!!

Alison A

I cannot say enough about Oddtoes and Otto himself. The posters that I ordered came in about 2 days, and were in excellent condition. Otto followed up on the order personally and really took the time to make sure that I was satisfied with it. I will definitely be going to Oddtoes.com again when I am ready to add to my collection. The inventory is amazing and Otto is honest and personable!!

Nicole Totaro